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Service. It’s what has defined Jody Flemming’s career path from the day he entered the workforce. After years of managing and enhancing nonprofits and their work, and Rangering for the National Park Service, Jody decided that it was time for a change. He loved serving people, but wanted to do so in a different capacity. But how does one transition to an entirely new career, and how do you decide what that career should be? Well, you need to objectively assess your skills, talents, passions and goals, and then find a career that puts those to their highest and best use. All while filling you up as a person with the things you need to thrive.

When Jody reflected on his skills and experience, a path in real estate was the obvious choice. He loves meeting new people, getting to know them, and learning about their families and their dreams. Jody also feels drawn to help people succeed, to grow and to get them closer to those dreams. As the past Executive Director of several regional nonprofits, Jody has a wealth of experience in working and communicating with people with all kinds of backgrounds, philosophies and personality types to really gain an accurate understanding of their needs. He continues that theme today with Divitia Realty, working with clients to make sure that he finds just the right home for you and your family, or to provide you with the most satisfying home sale possible.

Jody has lived in Asheville for the past 15 years. He has deep connections in and a great understanding of the region, and what makes it one of the most special communities in the country. Jody knows neighborhoods. He knows schools. Jody knows restaurants. He knows the city. Jody knows biking and hiking trails. He knows the county. Jody knows regional trends. He knows government. Jody knows who has the best bagels. He knows a brewery or two too. Put that knowledge to work for you!

On a more personal level, Jody is passionate about a lot of things. First and foremost, he a proud and grateful father of two wonderful humans that make him incredibly happy every single day. He’s also blessed to have a kind, supportive, beautiful girlfriend, who shows up for him in so many ways. He’s passionate about the natural landscape of Western North Carolina as well. His days Rangering in the Smokies instilled a deep understanding of, and connection with, the land here. Every hike or bike ride takes a few minutes longer because Jody has to stop to check out a tiny spring wildflower, or to identify an unseen bird by its call.

Jody is also fortunate enough to have found a crew of like minded kooks who enjoy riding their mountain bikes down the steepest, rockiest, sketchiest trails to be found in Pisgah National Forest. At night. In the dark. Not much focuses the mind and reflexes like racing down a mountain in a tunnel of light from your headlamp. Jody is also a huge music fan. He loves seeing live music shows from across the spectrum, and can definitely give you the skinny on who’s coming to town and the best venues. He’s also a DJ himself, and takes great satisfaction in making people who “don’t really like dance music”, dance to dance music.

Asheville is a little bit different. Jody is a little bit different. Different is interesting, and can open all kinds of new potential for growth, change and fulfillment. If you think he’d be a good real estate resource, a fun person to work with, if you want hike suggestions, or if you just want to talk about Asheville, call Jody today. He’ll be happy to serve you!

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