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At 28 years old, Ms. Isabelle Richard had already renovated 2 homes and was working side by side with an architect designing and building her first 4,500 sq ft. custom home. At that time, she became increasingly captivated with home design and real estate in general, at a time when properties were selling in bidding wars, 5-10% over full asking price in a hugely competitive market.

In her newly found passion, Isabelle Richard obtained her first real estate license in 1996, working for Caldwell Banker, in Boulder, Colorado where she resided for 20 years. She became increasingly more concerned about home aesthetics, the energy flow of floor plans and how staged homes affect buyers’ first impressions and steadfastly added staging, Feng Shui and professional organizing as options for her clients who were selling their homes.

In 2013, Isabelle Richard launched Blue Lotus Home Designs when she moved Asheville. She became affiliated and certified by Home Stagers Resources, an accredited program recognized by the Real Estate Commission, dedicating herself exclusively to help real estate agents stage their listings for fast sales at full listing price.

Isabelle has married her expertise as a REALTOR® and interior designer to bring her clients superior service when listing their homes for sale or helping buyers make their dream home a reality.

Listing Your Home With Isabelle

When Isabelle witnesses the look on buyers’ faces as they walked into her staged properties, she knows without a doubt that staging has a direct effect on buyers’ impulses to fall in love with a property. She stages a home by freshening up curb appeal, using creative additions like live orchids, and adding “lifestyle” details in bathrooms such as trays with bubble bath jars, candles and champagne flutes. She adds mirrors in hallways to activate the chi of the home, while using a backdrop of the perfect paint color upgrade, new sofa accent pillows, and fresh art placed here and there. Buyers can envision themselves living in her staged homes because they had been de-personalized from the seller’s identity. Buyers bought her properties for 15% more than comparable home sales prices, in a much shorter time period.

A Buyer’s Agent Who Makes Dreams A Reality

Buyers’ sometimes find homes that are in the right location but find that the home just doesn’t quite fit their description of their dream home. Isabelle helps buyers envision the home through an interior designer’s eyes, with options of knocking down walls, changing the layout of a home or bringing light into the home. She can even make a mock up of how the home can look with her professional interior design software. Isabelle can help you with a Renovation Home Loan transaction that allows you to make your new home perfect for you.

Her Passion for Horses and Horse Property

From 2003-2013 Isabelle decided to pursue her other life long passion. She had trained in the sport of dressage since she was a child and it became clear to her that her daughter had the same ambition early on. She was at the perfect age to learn. For the next 10 years, Isabelle owned and ran 2 – 15 acre horse farms, the first one, just outside of Austin, Tx and the second one, outside of Raleigh, NC. Isabelle competed in the sport of dressage to Prix St. George and taught Dressage professionally for many years.

Isabelle Richard understands the intricate workings of horse farms and helps horse property owners prepare their land for sale. She uses her expertise in regards to safety issues around the land and barns, her knowledge in preparing and maintaining soil for hay production, her experience in working with fencing, irrigation, wells, barn maintenance, and fire prevention. She helps bring the farm to the standards expected by a new owner and can price the horse property correctly.

Call Isabelle to purchase your new farm in Tryon, NC or in the surrounding horse country.

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